Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Moshe Farber
28, Dec 2021

Winter is here! ‘Tis the season of caution when it comes to caring for your home. Winters are relatively harsh, not only on your skin but also on your house. In the winter months, it is essential to look after the maintenance of your home to ensure that it withstands the frosty season and stays in shape for years to come. 

From drainage to dryer vents and electric systems, many homes are prone to damage as the freezing weather overtakes your neighborhood. A single winter storm can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. But costs like these can be avoided by careful planning, vigilance, and an awareness of what to look for. 

Most find it hard to locate what needs attention. When it comes to routine maintenance, you may not know where to even begin! 

The following checklist will help you make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

How are your Gutters and Drainage Doing?

As winter arrives, the rainfall increases, making your home vulnerable to clogged gutters. Maintaining your drainage and gutters regularly can help you avoid having to replace them. Moreover, regular maintenance reduces the chance of roof damage. Your clogged gutters can overflow, rupture and strain your roof. They can also contribute to ice retention that can cause thawing damage. 

You must check your basement to detect water damage stains and ensure that your attic is free from mildew. If your foundation faces water retention, that can lead to dampness and water damage. You can easily fix this situation by extending your downspout to direct water away from your attic and basement area. 

Did you Check your Window Wells?

Window wells are important for great lighting and ventilation. They allow your basement to stay fresh and keep the soil from meddling with your window fixtures. But if you neglect to maintain them, they can turn out to be a risk for your basement. 

Liner failure is a significant reason for window well flooding. If the liner gets detached from the foundation wall, the soil can press against it and broaden the gap between the loose liner and the wall. This gap caused by the pressure can invite water penetration as the soil gets oversaturated. 

Checking your window wells must be a priority in your home maintenance checklist for winters as the issue gets even worse during this season. Inspect the liner and if you detect any loose ends, make sure to replace them immediately. 

Don’t Forget to Clean your Dryer Vents

The cold weather tempts you to use your dryer more than you do during summers. While your dryers are a great convenience, they also pose the danger of becoming a fire hazard. Every year approximately 15000 fires are caused by dryer vents. It, therefore, becomes essential to keep a check on them to reduce the risk. 

You must ensure that you remove all the built-up lint from the dryer regularly. This reduces the risk of causing a fire and makes it easy for you to clean up as you will not be caught up with an overstuffed vent. 

What’s the Status of your Electrical System?

With the days getting shorter, it is natural to use more electricity as you turn on your lights earlier than the usual summer days. There is also a higher probability of snowstorms, and mobility might not be easy in case your electrical system fails. Therefore, you must schedule an electrical maintenance appointment with a professional electrician to ensure that everything is in place and functioning at its best. 

Right before the winter sets in, you must check your main panel for fire hazards, broken wires, lousy insulation, or any discoloration. You can use a multimeter to check the power flow through the electrical circuits. Monitoring your wall sockets, heating systems, and extension cords are also advisable. 

Don’t Forget to Bleed your Radiators

Sounds cynical? It is necessary. Every winter, you must make sure you bleed your radiators. This allows them to function at their total efficiency while utilizing their full capacity. Without bleeding, your radiators will not be able to maintain themselves. 

If this sounds new to you, it’s important to note that the task is not difficult. The first step is to turn on your radiator and set it to its maximum possible temperature. Patiently wait for a few minutes and then turn off the central heating. Allow the system to cool and only handle one radiator at a time. 

Once you are done, turn off your radiators and open their bleed valve. Place a tray under the valve and allow all the air to exit. The tray will catch the water that leaves the valve. As all the air comes out, close the valve and check the air pressure in the heating boiler. Ensure the correct level, and you are good to go. 

Do Not Overlook the Winter Storms

Winter storms are not an uncommon occurrence. Freezing rain, blizzards, and sleet are winter’s companions and will most likely visit you at least once every winter. But this single visit can land you in a lot of trouble if you do not prepare for it beforehand. It is essential to get ready for winter storms and ensure all your supplies are in the right place. 

You must make sure that your generator is working properly. The most common outcome of winter storms is power outages and blackouts. To ensure you are not helpless in these scenarios, you must store batteries for flashlights and lanterns. Ensure that your roof is not vulnerable to cracks and secure your doors and windows to prevent snow from entering your house. 

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Avoiding problems is never the answer. Caution is always better than sitting and contemplating repair costs after a crisis has occurred. Weatherproofing your house, performing preventative maintenance, and regularly ensuring safety measures is the best way to guard yourself and your home from the harshness of winter. 

Doing the above maintenance checks will enable you to enjoy a stress-free winter and relish a cup of hot chocolate while getting cozy by the fireplace!

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