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    With Astar Home Capital and our team of
    professionals, there’s no need to worry.

  • Simple & Fast Process
    Simple & Fast Process

    With Astar Home Capital and our team of
    professionals, there’s no need to worry.

  • Loan Stamped: Approved
    Loan Stamped: Approved

    With Astar Home Capital and our team of
    professionals, there’s no need to worry.

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Got eye on perfect property

It has everything you need. The only thing standing in your way is securing a loan. But with so much red tape, paperwork and steps to take… who knows if you’ll even get approved? Maybe you should wait a couple of years. Find a cheaper property. Or forget about your dream.

With Astar Home Capital and our team of professionals, there’s no need to worry, procrastinate or let go of your hopes for the future. Whether buying a new home, refinancing, or investing in a commercial property, imagine a loan shopping experience where:

  • The paperwork is handled.
  • All confusion is cleared up.
  • Conditions are easily met.
  • And you land the property you’ve always wanted.

With our simple, no sweat process, you’ll soon hear those words of approval and be a proud owner of that perfect property.

Got eye on perfect property
  • Meir Klein
    Meir Klein New York

    Working with AStar was a breeze. As a first-time buyer, they guided me through all my options, provided helpful market information. Astar got us a great deal! They have an amazing team that was great to work with and was always available to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone buying a home!

  • Yair Rotenberg
    Yair Rotenberg Florida

    Thank you so much for being with us during this time and for making this process as easy and smooth as possible. The customer support we got was outstanding! We would definitely recommend you to our friends & family.

  • Sam Greenfeld
    Sam Greenfeld New Jersey

    I would like to express my appreciation to AStar Home Capital for making my mortgage go so seamlessly through the whole process. Your team did an amazing job getting all my approvals in, in a timely manner, they went above and beyond the call of duty. You made me feel at ease with such a major investment decision. Thank You!

  • 2000
    More Than 2000 Loans Processed
  • 80
    Over 80 Dedicated Staff
  • 1.2 Bil
    Over 1.2 Bil Funding Approved

Smooth Loan Approval

  • Step 1 Welcome

    Your personal loan officer will intake all your information

  • Step 2 Bank of Choice

    Our processing team submits your application to the bank of choice with the best load for you.

    Bank of Choice
  • Step 3 Final Check

    Our closing team will review the final loan for accuracy and suitability.

    Final Check
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Choosing Right

The loan application process is filled with nuances and important details. Choosing the wrong company can mean:

  • A loan that’s all wrong for you.
  • A long, slow, tedious process.
  • No loan at all (denied!).

You need a company that spends the time getting to know you, cares about what you want and need, and has a smooth speedy process in place that quickly takes you from “I want that” to “I own that”.

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