How to Move into a New Home with Less Stress: Moving Tips and Tricks

Moshe Farber
08, Feb 2022

Nervous about moving into a new home? You’re not alone. Moving from one place to another with all your belongings 📦 can be an overwhelming experience. Fear not, because we are here to help you with these moving tips and tricks!

  1. Schedule Everything 

Scheduling is an essential part of moving into a new home. It will help you avoid any last-minute rush and give you a smooth and adequately managed experience. Sketch a timeline from the day you initiate packing your stuff from your old house to the day of loading your luggage on the truck and unloading it in your new home. Prepare a schedule with the expected dates and times of every move. We highly recommend that you only use a licensed, professional, and insured moving company so that you will be covered in the event that there is any damage. 

  1. Allocate Enough Time for Packing

Packing your belongings from your old house is a time-consuming and emotional experience. Please do not make the mistake of procrastinating, or assuming this task will be easy or painless. Packing needs a reasonable amount of time and energy since you are practically shifting your entire life from one location to another. Give enough time to yourself and your family to figure out the action plan to make the process smooth and seamless. 

  1.  Pay Attention to the Packaging
  • You have a timeline ready, and you have enough time to pack. What next? Packaging material! Your house shelters a range of items with different strengths, fragility, size, shape, and resistance to factors like sunlight or water. While packing your stuff, it is necessary to be ready with packaging that secures your possessions.

Below is a list that can guide you on your run to gather packaging supplies:

  1. Boxes of different sizes
  2. Foam layering and bubble wrap for fragile items and electronics
  3. Closet boxes for clothes, curtains, blankets, etc.
  4. Markers to label your boxes
  5. Tape and dispenser

 4. Labels are Essential

Imagine going through a heap of boxes without knowing what’s inside. The amount of time and energy you will waste sorting out belongings is overwhelming. Therefore labels are of utmost importance. A well-organized labeling system will make it easy for you and your packers or movers. You can use a color-coding system to mark fragile items, which will help plan the positions and stacking of the boxes. You can also mark your boxes depending upon the room they belonged to and the purpose of that item. Write everything that goes inside the box clearly and descriptively. 

5. Sort What Can be Left Behind

While you initiate your packing, you might come across things that can be discarded, sold, or left behind. A new house marks a new beginning, and you must move forward with this philosophy by purging items that are not needed in your new space. Leaving behind worn and damaged furniture is highly recommended. It simplifies the moving process and allows you to invest in better items, keeping your new house’s aesthetics in mind.

6. Pack your Items from the Heaviest to Lightest Items

It’s a straightforward yet effective trick. Loading the heavy items in the bottom layer and the lighter ones on top is an excellent way of managing space and preventing damage to fragile items. It also makes unloading easy, and the layers are tightly packed, which further prevents them from crushing other boxes. 

7. Keep the Most Important Stuff at the Back

Pack the most important things at the back of the truck, so it gets easier to unload them first. These essential things can include your bedding, kitchen supplies, and bathroom items. Even if you arrive late and the unloading gets delayed, you will at least have access to your essentials. 

8. Don’t Forget the Ropes

Even though you might feel that everything is tightly packed and secured, remember that these things are your prized possessions, and they deserve an extra layer of security. When you go on your spree to gather packaging supplies, don’t forget to buy ropes. Secure every layer of boxes, furniture, and items with ropes and strap them carefully. This will prevent your baggage from rattling and falling on the bumpy ride to your new home. 

9. Coordinate with the Movers & Packers Beforehand

While you formulate a timeline and schedule for packing, loading, and unloading, ensure that your movers are on the same page. Discuss your route and guide them with essential details. Be there to supervise them and coordinate actively.

 If there is a security prerequisite at your new location, make sure to share it with your movers. Cross-check their schedule for their departure and arrival. Hire a service that has a good reputation and credibility in the market. Checking their authenticity must be your top priority before initiating the loading process. 

10. Be Prepared for your Arrival at your Empty House

There is a high possibility that you reach your new house before your luggage truck. In such a scenario, you might have to spend a few hours or a day without your belongings. Be prepared for such a scenario and carry essential items like food supplies, sleeping bags, and toiletries with you. Make arrangements for the air conditioner, electricity, and water supply before you initiate the transportation. 

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Moving into a new house is a beautiful and memorable experience. With a bit of planning and care, you can ensure that everything falls in place and your home sweet home is set to be adorned with your belongings and positive vibes. 

Following these simple tips and tricks will make your moving experience less stressful so that you can truly enjoy the experience of getting into a new home. 

We wish you the best of luck with your next move!

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